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Low power LED deck illumination, emergency rescue service vehicles

2. Mar 2012 07:26, bagtree

Low-wattage LED deck lighting is perfect for those looking for a reliable, efficient and compact slick lighting options emergency vehicles. Is essentially a lightweight deck lights, similar to the dashboard and visor lights. They are larger than 2 inches, slender, its length more than 30 inches, in some cases. This is why the model of most LED deck lights LED line of two or three. 1 watt LED, up to 100 can be configured in the deck lights of the LED module. If 5MM, the number of 4-watt LED may be fallen very sharply. These deck lights provide adequate varieties. 2, 4, 6 or even 8 LED modules, you can go to the deck lights. You can go to the split and solid combinations.

LED deck lighting is usually in a variety of traffic safety or emergency situations, such as yellow, blue, red, white and green colors. The swivel-mounted, suction cup bracket, cigar plug the power cord package and custom switches are optional items, you can get with the deck lights. These are very suitable for installation in flat and curved surfaces, such as the back window or windshield. Some deck lights are tailored, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe Taurus vehicle. You can also request a custom color combination you choose 6 or 8 LED modules LED deck lights inside the reliable solid state electronics and built-in flash mode.

LED deck lighting kit, and sometimes include a Molex connector, weather resistance and waterproof. They have scan lock flash mode, can prove to be very effective and efficient operation. Conductor AWG wire, sometimes rendering packages have a small diameter and very easy to handle. LED deck lights for one of the reasons seems to be an emergency vehicle a good choice, because they are portable and easy to install. In addition, connector kit, you can synchronize multiple deck and instrument lighting, more important and more powerful warning signal, and a larger number of flash modes.

LED deck lighting is a viable option of an emergency vehicle, as they can be a simple circuit to a 12V DC power supply with minimum current and high voltage and short circuit. In addition to the optional suction cup, you can also use the lamps to the "L" brackets. Deck lights and ceiling and sun visor installation options are too low-key in parentheses. And more practical, compact emergency lighting program is ideal for small cars. Brackets to help you to adjust the angle and height, as well. Division, such as red and blue color combination, may be extreme attention, caught in the evenings. May be due to the LED or fiber optic transmission of the filter, used with the LED color. Rear deck, and the vehicle in front, deck lights and comparable light intensity bar is the ideal.